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Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical Office Cleaning Services

Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services offer comprehensive medical office cleaning services providing high quality and professional cleaning for your surgical or non-surgical practice.

With customers in medical practices, of all sizes, Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services can service clinics and hospitals offering both surgical & non-surgical cleaning needs..


Our Dedicated Team

With a dedicated team of trained professional cleaners, we have the skills and manpower to address any cleaning challenge with a great attention to detail. Medical offices’ cleaning requires a team specially trained for cleaning in this specialised environment.

With a staff that is familiarised with the particulars of the medical world, Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services have the right team for the job, providing a high quality clean for your practice.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest quality service in whatever we do. Through our cleaning services, our team of professional cleaners are dedicated to helping you provide a healthy and happy working and treatment environment for your clients and patients, as well as your employees.


Our full-range services:

Daily cleaning service we offer

Daily cleaning service we offer

QA1CS offers a daily cleaning service to healthcare and medical centres. We also offer deep cleaning on demand. Our skilled professionals are able to use the latest range of cleaning machinery to maintain almost every type of flooring that might be seen in clinics and health centres. We consult with staff and management in advance to ensure high-quality service without any effect on normal activities.

Unparalleled flexibility with our service

Unparalleled flexibility with our service

Doctors and other medical staff often operate premises that are working around the clock. The professional cleaners at QA1CS are skilled in adapting to these working hours and delivering a state-of-the-art service. Unlike many of our competitors, at QA1CS we always run risk assessment on our own to comply with H&S requirements for our staffs. Moreover, we maintain steady communication with our cleaners on duty to ensure that all is going well.

Our innovative colour-coded cleaning service

Our innovative colour-coded cleaning service

We emphasise colour coding to ensure there’s no cross contamination on a site. This colour coding identifies a cloth already used to clean a toilet so that it is never used to clean a kitchen. We conduct colour code training for our staffs to ensure that no aspects of your health and hygiene are ever compromised.

The range of our medical cleaning services:

The range of our medical cleaning services:

• Daily cleaning • Periodic deep cleans • deep cleaning of Kitchens and canteens • a comprehensive floor maintenance program • Window cleaning • state-of-the-art Carpet cleaning • Emergency cleaning • Specialist Room cleaning • Litter picking • Medical or healthcare cleaning *Painting and decorating

Benefits of our service

Benefits of our service

Our contract cleaning service proves beneficial in many ways for our clients. Unlike the standard services provided by average cleaners, we offer a flexible and comprehensive service that can be customised to meet the specific needs of any medical and healthcare businesses. Our core professional expertise and in-depth experience ensure greater value of money for our clients.


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High-Quality Cleaning for Medical Offices

Whatever type of practice you are running, our medical office cleaning services can provide the quality cleaning that your practice needs. We can service both Surgical and Non-Surgical Medical Practices including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ Surgeries
  • Out-Patient Clinics
  • Cosmetic Surgery Practices
  • Dermatological Clinics
  • Dental Practices
  • Counseling and Psychiatric Practices
  • Physical Therapy Offices
  • Opticians, Homeopathic Practices, and more


Full Scope Cleaning Process by QA1CS

The team of cleaners at Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services can clean and maintain the sterile status of your practice, including contaminated areas & patient rooms.

Our medical office cleaning services for Clinics & Hospitals include

  • Surgical Cleaning Services for Surgical Theatres
  • Patient Rooms and Contaminated Areas
  • Treatment Rooms

We have specially trained medical cleaning teams who are familiar with the disposal of medical waste and other surgical practices.


We Simply Love Happy Clients

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our dedication to providing a thorough and complete cleaning service that will satisfy our medical clients.

Whatever the needs of your medical practice, we can ensure that you get the best possible medical office cleaning services and we welcome the chance to provide a competitive quote.


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Get in touch with our team of account managers who are eager to speak with you to find out how Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services can help keep your medical practice maintain its clean, safe and productive environment

Find out more about the comprehensive medical office cleaning services that we provide, and our highly effective team of professional cleaners by giving us a call today.

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What our clients' say

Thank you QA1CS for the great service at our clinic every day. Quality cleaning that you provide helps us maintain hygienic environment. These people are working for us for 2 years now and we strongly recommend them for any medical office cleaning.

Tom Harrison

a month ago

Our construction company is happy and satisfied with QA1CS for the quality after construction cleaning it offers. Their staffs are careful and particular in leaving a place spick and span.

Demi Baldwin

a month ago

QA1CS is responsible to clean our store on Oxford Street in London. The friendly and reliable cleaners perform a great job to offer a higher value of the money. We’re happy to select them.

Harley Burns

a month ago