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Free Cleaning Checklist And What To Lookout For
Free Cleaning Checklist And What To Lookout For

Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a great taste for them, those were the words of Benjamin Disraeli. Cleaning and sanitation are essential aspects of the society, and it cannot be overemphasized.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, the cleanliness of your workspace and environs should be a top priority and must be endured daily. Having a healthy and tidy workspace is a significant influencer when it comes to running a successful business or office activities even if your aim is not profit making. Although most managing directors and business owners are much more concerned about productivity, it is a fact that a clean workspace has a positive bearing on the psychology of the personnel. Business owners or ranking officers barely take notice of the conditions of their workplaces until everywhere is shambolic and things get completely out of hand.

It is well understood that unless your office is merely a small room with few tables and chairs, proper office sanitation could be tortuous. This is why you need a professional office cleaning service like ours to make sure your offices, workspaces, and environments are regularly sanitized and maintained in order to ensure the wellbeing of your employees, keep them happy, healthy and productive as well as providing the pleasant first impression on business partners, visitors and potential customers.

When we talk about leaving a good impression, it’s relative.  An employer has a part to play, but the bulk of the job rests on an office cleaning agency. Employees could be educated on how to properly maintain the office, waste disposal and domestic sanitation like cleaning of chairs and tables but what about the toilets, the kitchen and the trash site in the corner of the premises? This is where professional office cleaning comes handy.

In order to retain clients, employees and attract new customers, sanitation and cleanliness should be as important as hitting your daily targets. A clean office environment truly helps when you are welcoming a potential new employee. The condition of the office they see at the start forms their opinion and affects their psychology about what their potential employer is all about.

Talking about cleaning and sanitation including all matters related to office cleaning services in London, Quadrant A1 is a sublime cleaning agency that offers a wide range of healthy cleaning services for your home and office all through London. We have professional operatives and personnel who are dedicated to getting the job done with minimum fuss. Perhaps you desire quick sanitation and treatment of your workspace or tidying up your action areas and thorough floor to ceiling cleaning of your office has become a necessity, our professionalism, flexibility, and affordability make us your most suitable choice in London.

We provide an excellent value for your money because we have the best packages with the finest blend of price and quality.

Natural, Green And Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning the office involves cleaning surfaces like floor, rug, tiles, windows, walls, and appliances. Excluding carpets and upholsteries, a typical office is made up of solid components whose cleaning involves a lot of technicalities and that’s exactly what we provide. We don’t just keep your surroundings and workspaces clean; your health is important, so we deploy the use of harmless and organic cleaning solutions. Natural and green solutions not only keep your surroundings clean, but they also ensure that the air is breathable and the risk of skin and eye irritations are eliminated.

No single product universally works effectively on all surfaces and soil. Thus there is a lot of cleaning solutions with various chemical combinations available in the market. Although all cleaning solutions are formulated to clean effectively, it is very important to opt for cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly.

Our company cleans efficiently and conveniently with the aid of different natural solutions that guarantee the conduciveness of the offices and the healthiness of the workers.

Why Should You Keep Your Office Clean And Why Opt For Quadrant A1?

At Quadrant A1 cleaning services, our reputation precedes us; we are affordable, convenient and reliable. We offer pure value with the best price and optimum quality needed to make your surroundings healthy, tidy and comfortable. Our personnel is polite, modest and courteous, they love what they do and complete their job with the highest level of professionalism.

We know you are busy with all the work and paperwork so let’s handle your dirty jobs. Our goal is to establish a long and sustainable relationship with you, we are trustworthy, consistent and we look to help you achieve your organizational goals through a clean environment.

Why do you need office cleaning and what are the advantages of opting for a professional office cleaning agency? Let’s take a look at some few reasons.

Here are some facts about office hygiene you probably didn’t know.

How tidy and healthy do you think your workplace is? Everyday people work, eat and spread germs around the office for approximately 10 hours each day or possibly even longer in case of different shifts. Let’s take a look at some lesser facts that bolster office hygiene.

  • A shocking statistic from Dettol revealed that the average work desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat and 2/3 of UK workers eat on their desks, this makes workplaces a fertile ground for bacteria.
  • 20% of workers never clean their mouse and keyboards
  • According to a report from the Centre for Economic and Business Research poor office hygiene costs the UK £13.7 billion in sick days

Source: libertyhygiene.com

A clean workplace entails more than just having neat and tidy surfaces or a spotless building. A workplace or office can be considered clean if the safety and health of its employees and visitors are guaranteed. In the last five years, there’s been a reported case of over 5 million non-fatal workplace accidents and illnesses. All these are traceable to an untidy workplace that is cleaned with harmful substances.

Tidy And Well-Kept Surfaces Prevent Slips And Falls.

Keeping your floors clean and dry at all times prevents the risk of slips and falls in your workplace. Our company has various organic floor cleaners that function differently. For example, we have got green cleaning solutions good for your office work areas, busy areas like your reception and corridor floors. There are natural and organic cleaners capable of removing rust, scale, and oxides from floors and metals.

It is important for you to know that securing the services of a professional cleaning agency like ours is advisable because the health of your workers is prioritized and the texture of your floor is preserved. You are advised not to engage your personnel in cleaning your office and surroundings because everyone works better when they do what they love.

Furthermore, Quadrant A1 advises you on the best measures to keep your floors dry at all times. Absorbent materials such as floor mats, dust traps, and foot towels should be placed in strategic locations to remove moisture and earth from shoe soles.

Disinfectants prevent germs, illness, and flu from spreading across.

You probably didn’t know this, cleaning your offices don’t involve mopping, scrubbing and sweeping alone. It involves the use of disinfectants as a precautionary move to check the spread of infections and illnesses of all sort.

Germs and diseases can spread easily throughout a workplace especially during flu seasons. Contagious illnesses can also be curbed by disinfecting surfaces and objects like door handles and armrest by using hospital-grade disinfectants capable of stopping germs in their tracks. Visitors and business associates want everything they can take away from your organization save an infection. A clean workplace goes beyond physically clean surroundings, but also a surrounding that is safe and healthily occupied.

Air quality

Particles in the air like dust, vapors and hazardous substances might not be visible to the naked eye but they are detrimental to the Air quality in your workspace. The purity and breathability of the air around your workplace is a key factor that influences the overall performance of your employees because it has a direct bearing on their health.

Airborne pollutants are100 times greater indoors than they are outdoors and this calls for proper care. Our company uses eco-friendly cleaners which lessens the risk of having a respiratory infection. In our consultancy services, we will also advise you to consider the installation of a proper filtration system. One great way of improving the air quality in your company is to invest in machinery that filter out excess carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air and provide your employees and visitors with extra levels of clean air and oxygen.

Of all the office cleaning services in London, ours is renowned for having a properly organized cleaning schedule. This is extremely important as a professional agency that seeks a long-term enjoyable experience with our clients. Our schedule outlines in details all the specific work that needs to be done, as well as what is expected of our clients and its employees during the actual cleaning exercise. Specific tasks are expressly indicated and all concerns highlighted. Once you have pinpointed your concerns and interests, our company handles all expertly and all fears are dispelled

It is needless to say that a clean and healthy workspace indicates a level of professionalism. It advertises to your visitors and potential customers that you care about your brand, your employee’s health, and well-being as much as you care about service delivery. A clean and safe workspace leads to a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive employee. Productivity is increased compared to when a worker has to cope with a dirty and unkempt work environment.

Cleaning your office is particularly important because it serves as a way of promoting your brand’s products and services. Immediately visitors and potential clients walk through your doors, a clean and healthy environment has a way of instilling trust and building up their confidence in your brand. It shows you pay attention to little details and it leaves your visitors with an impression of efficiency and fastidiousness. Dirty floors and dusty furniture’s tells your potential clients that you lack the necessary professionalism to take care of your surroundings and employees let alone customers.