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Everything You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning Services
Everything You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning Services

Making aesthetic and structural improvements to a building, office space, or home is a massive investment of resources and time. Nevertheless, a project of renovation isn't complete without a thorough and professional cleaning.

That is where Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services comes in. We give several phases of rough and final cleaning significant for your homes or building for you to welcome individuals to a fresh smelling, fully presentable, and clean space.

Thorough cleaning is fundamental for the safety and health of people who conduct business or live in the new facility or home. If it is left unchecked, the dust from construction becomes airborne, then can have several negative effects on the immune and respiratory system. Homeowners and contractors rely on Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services to get rid of dust, debris, and dirt which was left behind by construction companies. We do the whole work in order for you to get back to your business. As soon as we are done, your new residence or building will be set for occupants.

Cleanup after construction creates the precedent for future and ongoing services for building maintenance and will make sure that the look of your new improvements is their best.

Remember, we at Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services have got you covered!

Here at Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services, our utmost care is to make sure that every corner of the new space is safe, clean, and ready for you to live. We always follow standard operating procedures. Nevertheless, our after builders cleaning London services can be customised to carry out the requirements of our general contractors.

How do we do it?

  1. Rough cleaning: In this first phase, we clean and remove every construction debris, which includes paint overspray, caulking, adhesives, and dust. Sliding glass doors, glass partitions, and windows are all cleaned thoroughly. Normally, mullions and frames are also included in this entire cleaning phase.

  2. Final cleaning: The beginning of this phase is with a repetition of the initial glass cleaning accompanied by a thorough cleaning of every interior surface. As soon as this phase has ended, the space is usually considered ready to move-in. The areas we consider will include:
  • Cabinetry: Every cabinet will be cleaned both in and out with the use of a neutral cleaner and a microfiber rag, and the tops are going to be vacuumed to get rid of any accumulated debris or dust.
  • Bathrooms: Every part of the bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, which includes fixture tubs, counters, floors, mirrors, showers, bathtubs, and any tile on the wall.
  • Floors and baseboards: Each floor and baseboard is detailed with absolute care. Every type of flooring is taken into consideration by us, and we pick a cleaning medium to ensure that there is no damage caused.

      3. Touch-up cleaning: About a week after the dust has settled, we go back to the space and wipe down every horizontal surface to make sure that every debris and dust is taken care of. We also get rid of any fingerprints and little things that have accumulated on the surface of glasses.

These three phases will settle all your worries, and also make sure that the space you newly constructed is ready to be moved in. We ensure that you are kept in the loop in every step that we make so that your expectations and needs are met.

Exclusive Services

There is an added spice to our services because we clean some places others fail to, which includes:

  • Showerheads in bathrooms
  • The area beneath sinks in bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms
  • Blinds and walls in every room
  • Ceiling fans in every room
  • Interior of refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves
  • In and out of dryers and washers
  • Inside cabinets, closets, and drawers in the kitchen, bedrooms, and every other room
  • Behind every movable appliance in the kitchen
  • Etc.

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We are always ready to assist you in putting the finishing touches to your newly constructed space! Reach out to Quadrant A1 Cleaning Services on 020 7205 2414, or you can visit us now at 39 Dover Street, London W1S 4NN now, and we assure you one of the best cleaning service ever!