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Does a clean office improve productivity?
Does a clean office improve productivity?

The average person spends more time at work than at home. Here is why you should keep the office environment clean at all time.

Most people spend a lot of time in their busy schedules every week to clean and tidy their home, to ensure it is always kept in a great condition, so why should your place of work be any different? So surely you should keep the cleanliness of work at an all-time high! You would be surprised at how a clean workplace can make a difference, especially when it comes to productivity throughout the day. Hygiene in the office can be a factor in this; take a look at how a clean and tidy office can impact productivity.

Reducing sickness

With the average worker losing around nine days a year at work due to sickness, isn’t it time you took action against this? Office furniture and equipment can often be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria; in fact, the average keyboard can harbour up to 7,500 bacteria at any one time. It is this that can aid the spread of germs and illnesses around the office. Viruses such as the flu can survive on hard surfaces such as your desk for 24 hours.

If your office is free of over-spilling bins, messy desks or other such hazards, you can reduce the risk of accident or injury which can also hugely hinder productivity amongst employees.

Put simply, the less sickness you have floating around the office and infecting your staff, the more staff you will have in, meaning more work can be done!

Boost motivation

With each adult spending so much time at work, a clean and tidy environment can help keep spirits high and boost morale among staff. No one wants to work in a dirty or cluttered space; even if you just take ten minutes out of your week to ensure your desk is orderly, it could make a big difference as it is difficult to keep your focus when you have a chaotic workspace.

Being disorganised can cost time and money; a messy desk could even result in mistakes being made and it can slow you down when trying to find something you need. You can ensure you’re working efficiently simply by having a well-ordered work environment.

Company culture

The perception of your company starts with your company’s appearance. The office environment is an extension of your product or service and may be one of the first impressions that new clients or staff have of your business. A clean, fresh office immediately creates a professional atmosphere.

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