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3 Most Active Breeding Grounds for Germs in Your Office
3 Most Active Breeding Grounds for Germs in Your Office

A workplace often appears to be clean on the surface but just the layers below may be contaminated with germs. Germs and all sorts of harmful microorganisms have the ability to hide just anywhere. When your office looks clean, your visitors and clients obviously get impressed but when the place is germ-free, your workforce stays healthy and strong.

When you have a healthy workforce, your business is more productive as the number of sick days of your employees is much lower. According to a survey carried out recently in London, improved levels of hygiene at workplaces cuts down cases of flu, cold and other related illnesses among employees.

But where do germs creep around at workplaces? Your impulsive reply will be pantry and bathrooms. But apart from those places, there are plenty of other locations that provide cosy sanctuary to bacteria and other germs and harmful microorganisms.

These other locations are frequently used by your staff but seldom disinfected, resulting in higher risk levels of your employees. Let us recognise these hidden hotbeds to keep ourselves relatively safe from infections and sicknesses.

  • Door handles: Door handles are one of the most frequently touched objects, and we just grab it without any hesitation. We rarely use or consider using a hand sanitiser after opening or closing a door. Make sure to sanitise all doorknobs and door handles in your office regularly. This is even more relevant if your office has a significant footfall on a regular basis. This little effort is assured to bring down the tally of sick leaves among your employees.
  • Photocopiers, printers, and scanners: This may be a little surprising but there’s no way you can beat it. Yes, we work on printers, photocopiers and scanners day in and day out yet we hardly clean their surfaces ever. These shared resources in any office are an excellent breeding ground for disease-causing germs and other harmful microorganisms. However, your hired cleaning agency may not be much at ease to perform cleaning on technology gadgets. Hence, consider placing some handy, wet sanitising wipes next to these machines. So whoever comes to operate them wipes out the buttons and the outer surface.
  • Washbasin: Washbasins inside bathrooms are often found to be the most active breeding ground for germs. Ask your office cleaning agency to clean and sanitise it thoroughly every day. Apart from the sink in the basin, their job should also cover the faucet and the tap handles. When the washbasin is sanitized on a regular basis, the chances of germs getting inside your mouth, noses and the eyes are lesser.

The tips provided above come from a topnotch commercial office cleaning service provider in London. Work on these tips and see how dramatically the number of sick leaves and absenteeism resulting from normal sickness among your employees come down.